UX/SEO Core Web Pages

Want to grow your business?

Typically there are five areas that we can improve to help your business succeed and thrive. By optimizing your core web pages, we can ensure that your prospects become customers and your customers stick around.


Typical Web Challenges and Solutions

Can prospects find your site?

If not, that’s an awareness problem. I’ll fix that by upgrading your

home page, your articles, and your videos.

Are you generating leads?

I’ll focus on your lead generation page. A downloadable free gift that answers your prospects’ questions can do wonders.

Do your prospects know and trust you?

If not we need to build authority. We do that by optimizing your About page and your articles and videos.

Not closing sales?

Let’s fix your About, Sales, Product, and Pricing pages.

Are your customers sharing how much they love you and renewing their subscriptions?

If not, that’s a retention problem, and I’ll optimize your FAQ and Support pages to answer your customers’ post-buying questions.

We can also help them out by providing informative videos and podcasts.