Manuscripts & Book Chapters

Trying to translate your data into a manuscript that will be published in a high-impact journal?

As an expert medical writer and editor, I save you time and unnecessary headaches by

getting your article or book ready for publication.

Have your data and results?

We’ll make a plan and I’ll create a publication-worthy manuscript.

   Have a rough draft?

I’ll edit for grammar and flow and put it in the

proper format for the peer-reviewed journal of your choice.

Textbook Chapters that I write transmit:

contemporary information in a concise and compelling way.

                    My English as a Second Language Process includes:

editing, grammar, and formatting your manuscript for a specific journal or granting agency.

                 I provide continuous support for authors after submission.

This includes all revisions, such as text added to satisfy reviewer comments.

I also perform any necessary editing if you choose to submit to a different journal.